• Combo with the effect of "Timeater", to force your opponent to only have their Draw Phase, Battle Phase and End Phase. Your opponent will be unable to Summon any monsters (except by fast effects), Set any Spell/Trap Cards, or activate any Spell Cards that are not Quick-Play Spells.
  • While you control this card and "Mirror Force Dragon", use "Battle Mania", "Savage Colosseum", or "Final Attack Orders" to force your opponent to attack on their turn. When they do, "Mirror Force Dragon" will destroy every card they control, and since this card forces both players to skip their Main Phase 2, they will not be able to Set (or Summon, except by fast effects) any more cards for the remainder of their turn. This can lead on your turn to attack directly with your monsters for a potential OTK.
  • Combo with "Summon Breaker" will prevent the opponent from bypassing the latter card's effect.

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