• If this card is used correctly, it could result in a possible One Turn Kill for your opponent. Also, since its Burn effects do not require attacking, cards that negate attacks or activate only when your monster attacks will be virtually useless for your opponent. However, these effects can still be countered:
  • Discard "Ojamagic" and the "Ojamas" to the Graveyard to add Spell Counters to other cards or deal massive damage to your opponent's Life Points.
  • This card has good synergy with "Pitch-Black Power Stone" as the Spell Counters it provides increase the damage of "Tempest Magician's" 3rd effect by 1500 points, and you don't have to move them from the Trap Card.
  • Use "Magical Plant Mandragola". Among other things, this will increase the damage dealt by "Tempest Magician's" effect by 500x the number of cards on the field that can hold Spell Counters.
  • This card works well with "Forced Requisition", devastating your opponent's hand as you gain counters.
  • You are not limited to using only your Spell Counters, you can use your opponent's as well. This is particularly useful against an opponent using "Magical Citadel of Endymion".
  • Use this card with "Tower of Babel" to inflict up to 1500 points to your opponent's Life Points and avoid taking 3000 points of damage yourself.
  • "Magical Exemplar" is an excellent card to use with this as it gains 2 Spell Counters for each Spell Card activated, instead of the normal 1, effectively halving the number of Spell Cards needed to OTK your opponent.
  • With 1 or more Magical Abductor in your pendulum zones and a Magical Citadel of Endymion in your field zone, you can rapidly amass spell counters from spells played by both players to deal serious damage.

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