• This card enables Synchro-climbing technique for Psychic Decks.
    • Example: Synchro Summon "Psychic Nightmare" with any Level 4 Psychic and Level 2 Psychic Tuner, then activate this card to bring back the Level 2 Tuner and Synchro Summon a Level 8 monster.
  • Combine this card with "Hanewata" or "Cyber Kirin" to nullify the damage you would have taken.
  • Let your opponent destroy "Doctor Cranium" to use its effect to add one Level 5 or 6 monster to your hand. Then, use this card to revive it for Tribute Summon. If you control another monster, or have another monster to revive, you can use both of them for "Master Gig".
  • Use this with "Psychic Rejuvenation" to recover Life Points that have lost from this card's effect.
  • Since the damage happens right AFTER the monsters are Special Summoned, cards like "Chain Disappearance" and "Torrential Tribute" cannot be activated in response of the Special Summon. Encountering "Solemn Warning" also become less-risky, since you won't take damage anyway.
  • Since this card's effect damage can be somewhat hefty, there's high risk for playing this card in an aggressive Psychic decks. However, Decks that either have high defensive elements (like most "Gusto" Decks) or running Life-recovery cards like "Magical Android" or ""Psychic Lifetrancer" can mitigate this problem.
    • "Magical Android" is more preferable, since she's easy to Summon and unlike "Lifetrancer", which can only recover up to 1200 Life Points each turn (with banishing Psychics as cost), "Android" can recover up to 3000 Life Points without cost, the same as this card's damage when Summoning 5 Level 2 Psychic-Type monsters.

Traditional Format

  • The monsters you can bring back for a combo are: "Doctor Cranium", "Mind Master", "Psychic Jumper". Use "Psychic Jumper" to switch monsters ("Doctor Cranium" and your opponent's monster). Tribute "Psychic Jumper" for the effect of "Mind Master", Summoning "Reinforced Human Psychic Borg". Then attack "Doctor Cranium" with "Mind Master". That leaves no weak monsters on your side of the field. Also, you can use "Inferno Reckless Summon" to Summon three "Reinforced Human Psychic Borgs".
  • Use "Mind Master" to Tribute one of your weaker Psychics to Summon out a Level 4, then you could Tribute that for a monster like "Storm Caller" to Synchro Summon "Hyper Psychic Blaster" using "Mind Master", "Doctor Cranium" and "Storm Caller".


 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
D.D. TeleponテレポンD.D.Effect MonsterEARTH25001800
Doctor CraniumカバリストEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Esper Girlサイ・ガールEffect MonsterEARTH2500300
Kamui, Hope of Gustoガスタの希望 カムイEffect MonsterWIND22001000
Kozmo Scaredy LionKozmo-パーヴィッドEffect MonsterLIGHT21200500
Kozmo StrawmanKozmo-フォルミートEffect MonsterLIGHT25001800
Kozmo TincanKozmo-フェルブランEffect MonsterLIGHT100
KrebonsクレボンスEffect MonsterDARK21200400
Lifeforce Harmonizerライフ・コーディネイターEffect MonsterWIND2800400
Metalfoes Steelenメタルフォーゼ・スティエレンPendulum Monster
Normal Monster
Mind MasterメンタルマスターEffect MonsterLIGHT1100200
Psi-Beastサイキック・ビーストEffect MonsterEARTH2700500
Psychic JumperサイコジャンパーEffect MonsterEARTH21001500
Raremetalfoes Bismugearレアメタルフォーゼ・ビスマギアPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Re-Coverリ・バイブルEffect MonsterEARTH1700300
Ritual Beast Tamer Elder霊獣使いの長老Effect MonsterWIND22001000
Ritual Beast Tamer Lara霊獣使い レラEffect MonsterWIND11002000
Time Escaperタイム・エスケーパーEffect MonsterEARTH2500100
Winda, Priestess of Gustoガスタの巫女 ウィンダEffect MonsterWIND21000400

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