• Considering other Level 4 Monsters with similar stats ("Goblin Attack Force", for example), this card's effect is quite lenient. You only have to wait one turn to attack with this card IF you Normal Summon it. However, it has no restrictions after that (i.e. switching to defense position after attacking, etc). Special Summoning it is the most practical (and obvious) route, but if you are unable to, considering this card has ATK equal or greater to most Level 5 and, in some cases, Level 6 monsters, it can hold its own for one turn before attacking.
  • This card is ideal to use in a deck that uses "Skill Drain".
  • This card's effect is also redundant if it is Normal Summoned on the first turn of the duel.
  • You can use this card in a deck with "Future Visions" to lose nothing due to its effect.

Traditional Format

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