• You can use cards like "Stumbling" to automatically change this card to defense and activate its effect when it is Summoned.
  • You can take the most of this card's effect by using it with cards like "Big Eye" or "Convulsion of Nature". In that way, if you are not satisfied with the next card(s) you will draw, you can shuffle your Deck and try to get better ones.
    • You can also use this card with cards that add a card(s) to the top of your Deck, like "Horn of the Unicorn". If you don't want the card, you can shuffle it into your Deck.
  • This card could be useful if you run a "Sylvan" Deck as you can shuffle your Deck if there aren't any "Sylvan" monsters near the top of your Deck in order to increase your chances of revealing them through card effects to in-turn, activate their effects.

Traditional Format

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