• You can use this card against a "Creature Swap" or any other card that switch monsters on the field.
  • Since a big weakness of this deck is the "Meklord" archetype, you can use this to summon a weak monster in attack position, then activate this card to take control of the opponent's anti-Synchro monster.
  • Chain this card to another card that would destroy your "T.G." monster (like "Dark Armed Dragon"). Then the chain will resolve backwards. You'll switch monsters; then the "T.G." monster will be destroyed by your opponent's card. This will leave your opponent with 2 less cards and you with your opponent's monster. In this case you'll also get to use the "T.G." search effect if it was "Rhino", "Striker", "Warwolf" or "Cyber Magician" that was destroyed.
  • You can use this card with "T.G. Blade Blaster" during your opponent's turn to steal one of their monsters for free without any drawbacks. First activate the effect of "T.G. Blade Blaster" to banish it until your next turn, and chain "TG1-EM1" to its effect. You take the opponent's monster, your "Blade Blaster" goes to your opponent's side of the field but it will banish itself immediately on your control to return on to your side of the field on your turn leaving you with your opponent's monster and you lose nothing.

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