• Combo with "DNA Surgery" to turn all of your opponent's monsters into Machine-Types, before activating this card.
  • "Soul Absorption" can essentially "cancel" out this card's cost, if at least 2 monsters are banished by this card's effect.
  • While good against any Machine-Type Deck in general (such as "Deskbot" and "Cyber Dragon"), this card is especially good against "Qli" Decks, since banishing prevents their Pendulum Monsters from returning to the Extra Deck.

Traditional Format

  • If your opponent has a Machine-Type Deck, you can use this card to banish their monsters and then use "Exchange of the Spirit" so there are only non Machine-Type monsters, Spells and Traps in their Deck. If you have a second "System Down", you can remove the last of your opponent's Machine-Type monsters from play, as well.

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