• You can Special Summon "Copy Plant" when this card excavated and then match its current level with the one that excavate it for an Xyz Summon.
  • Special Summon "Spore" with this card effect so you can have access to wide variety of Synchro Monster and Xyz Monster.
    • Tune "Spore" with the one that excavate it and Summon a Synchro Monster you want. After that banish the other material and Special Summon "Spore" from Graveyard. Now your "Spore" will have the same Level as your Synchro Monster so you can use them for Xyz Summon.
  • After excavating this card and triggering its effect, Special Summon "Sylvan Peaskeeper" and trigger its effect.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
AcornoコロボックリEffect MonsterEARTH200400
AmaryleaseアマリリースEffect MonsterEARTH100200
Aromaseraphy Angelicaアロマセラフィ-アンゼリカEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT00
Copy Plantコピー・プラントEffect MonsterTuner monsterWIND00
Cursed Figカースド・フィグEffect MonsterWATER200200
Evil Thornイービル・ソーンEffect MonsterDARK100300
Glow-Up Bulbグローアップ・バルブEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH100100
GriggleグリグルEffect MonsterEARTH350300
Naturia Cherriesナチュル・チェリーEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH200200
Naturia Veinナチュル・ナーブEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH200300
Necro Fleur死の花-ネクロ・フルールEffect MonsterDARK00
PineconoマツボックルEffect MonsterEARTH400200
Predaplant Cordyceps捕食植物コーディセップスEffect MonsterDARK00
Predaplant Sarraceniant捕食植物セラセニアントEffect MonsterDARK100600
Rose Lover薔薇恋人Effect MonsterEARTH800800
Samsara Lotusサクリファイス・ロータスEffect MonsterDARK00
SporeスポーアEffect MonsterTuner monsterWIND400800
Sylvan Cherubsprout森羅の神芽 スプラウトEffect MonsterLIGHT100100
Sylvan Peaskeeper森羅の実張り ピースEffect MonsterWIND400100
Sylvan Princessprout森羅の姫芽君 スプラウトEffect MonsterLIGHT100100
Sylvan Snapdrassinagon森羅の隠蜜 スナッフEffect MonsterDARK900400

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