• Use multiple copies of this card to draw up to 3 cards when one of your monsters is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard.
  • This card can be used alongside "Amazoness Village" to give both hand and field advantage. But be careful, because these two cards can potentially mill your Deck in a few turns.
  • "Performage Trapeze Magician" could work well with this card as this can allow yourself to enable a monster on your field to attack twice during the Battle Phase using the effect of "Trapeze Magician", enabling yourself to deal a large amount of damage. In addition, although the monster will be destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase, 1-3 cards will be drawn depending on how many copies of this card that was on the field. This card could work well if "Trapeze Magician" gets destroyed, as 1 "Performage" monster can be Special Summoned from your Deck while still getting to draw cards.
  • Let "Yubel" self-destruct during the End Phase and draw a free card.
  • Use this card together with cards like "Dark Hole", "Torrential Tribute" and other similar effect cards to even out the losses to your field.
  • If used correctly with "Archlord Kristya", this card can help bypass the fact that "Kristya" makes it a dead draw, and can be repeated continuously (as long as "Kristya" is not banished, which can be countered by cards such as "Dimensional Alchemist" or "Miraculous Descent").
  • This card works very well with "Fire Hand" and "Ice Hand", as they can repeatedly be destroyed in battle to destroy cards on your opponent's field and get free draws for each.
  • This card's stipulation of being usable only once per turn makes it a very good card in defense oriented Decks such as "Gogogo" and "Union" Decks.
  • Destroy a monster on your field with "Destruct Potion" to gain advantage and Life Points.
  • Use "Generation Shift" to destroy a monster on your field and get more than just a copy of the monster that was destroyed.
  • If one has proper resources to spare and care little for self destruction, this card and a "Kuraz the Light Monarch" can give yourself up to 5 cards. (Up to 2 from its effect and 1 for each "Supply Squad" that was on your field by then.)
  • A desperate move, although possibly rewarding, would be to Summon a "Malefic" monster with no Field Spell in place while this card is active. It will self destruct, netting yourself cards; the same scenario works just as well in the case of losing an "Earthbound Immortal" monster to its own effect or Summoning it with no Field Spell active.
  • This is helpful in Pendulum-based Decks, as they're well know for using up the hand rapidly, so this can slowly regenerate the player's hand. Not to mention that destroyed Pendulum Monsters go to the Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard, which means they can be constantly re-Summoned, keeping field presence while slowly building up your hand advantage with "Supply Squad".
    • This strategy is more difficult due to the new Master Rule, as you now require Linked Zones to Pendulum Summon monsters from the Extra Deck to the field.

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