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Traditional Format

  • In a Dragon Deck, this card can be extremely useful, if used properly.
    • "Card Destruction" can be used in conjunction with this card, if you discarded any Dragons from your hand.
    • This card can offset card effects that require discarding (either as a cost or as part of their effect).
    • Use the effect of "Spirit Ryu" in tandem with this card, and you can refresh your hand easily.
    • "The Dragon's Bead", if used alongside this card, can aid you in evading Trap Cards that target your Dragons, while also enabling you to draw cards.
    • Combining "Dragonic Tactics" can allow you to draw 2 cards.
    • If you run "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" in your Deck, this card can enable you to draw 1 card whenever you discard a Dragon for its effect.
    • Discard 2 Dragons for "Magical Stone Excavation" to recycle this card. In doing so, you can draw up to 4 cards.
  • Remember, this card is a Quick-Play Spell Card, and therefore may be activated from your hand during the turn you draw it, as long as it is your turn. Because of this advantage, you have the chance of drawing 2 more copies of this card for massive draw power.
  • This card combos well in a "Hieratic" Deck. "Hieratic" monsters will often be offering several Tributes a turn, so this card can allow you to draw two or three cards with a productive turn, possibly even more. It also helps alleviate one of the main weaknesses of a "Hieratic" deck, that being poor and/or small hands.
  • Use the effect of "Cannon Soldier" to tribute any number of Dragon monsters to help you draw more cards.
  • During the End Phase, if the owner's hand is more than 6 cards, activate this card then you can discard the remains of extended Dragon-Type monster.
  • Use the side-effect of Special Summoning Tyrant Dragon to your advantage by playing this card beforehand and drawing at least 1 card afterwards.

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