• "Blazewing Butterfly" is an ideal monster to use this card's effect on, since that monster can use its effect replace itself with another Gemini monster, which won't return to the hand during the End Phase.
  • This card can be useful with cards like "Dark Valkyria" or "Tuned Magician", as their effects are generally useless after they've been used.
  • This card can be useful to use on "Doom Shaman" in a "Yubel" Deck, since if "Doom Shaman" uses its effect to Special Summon "Yubel", that monster will be destroyed when "Doom Shaman" returns to the hand during the End Phase.
  • This card works well with "Swing of Memories", since the affected Gemini monster can be returned to the hand first instead of being destroyed.
  • The last effect of "Catalyst Field" can make using this card more efficient.

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