• Combine this cards effect with "Soul Exchange" to destroy one of your opponents monster's and inflict 1000 damage.
  • Combine this card's effect with "The Creator" to Special Summon a monster once per turn, then Tribute it using the effect of "Super Conductor Tyranno" for 1000 points of effect damage. Combine this combo with "Kuraz the Light Monarch" to also draw or take out your opponent's cards each turn.
  • Use "Scapegoat" to possibly inflict 4000 damage over 4 turns.
  • This card is sometimes useful in combination with "Hieratic" monsters with the "when this card is Tributed" effect. For example: Tribute "Hieratic Dragon of Su" with this card's effect to inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points and Summon a Dragon all at once.
  • If this card is Tribute Summoned using "Hardened Armed Dragon" as one of the Tributes, this card can no longer be destroyed by card effects, making it much harder for your opponent to deal with.

Traditional Format

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