• This card would be useful in a "Malefic" Deck, since they usually do not Summon more than 2 monsters in 1 turn.
  • This card is good in a Spirit Deck; once they do not have huge swarming capabilities, this card will not affect the deck much, while will probably do to your opponent.
  • Combo with "Terminal World" to prevent your opponent from potentially bypassing this card's effect by summoning en masse during their Main Phase 2.
    • To prevent both cards' destruction via Summoned Monster Effects, a "Carrieroid" may help.
  • Combo with "Xyz Encore" to force your opponent to hit their summon limit faster when they attempt a big play to get around this card and force them to the End Phase instead.
  • You can use "Demise of the Land" to easily activate this card straight from your Deck, as "Demise of the Land" can be activated when your opponent Special Summons a monster.
  • This card is powerful in countering Xyz summons. Many of the Meta Xyz Decks perform Xyz Summons in 1 turn by swarming monsters. As Xyz Monsters need at least 2 materials, your opponent has to Summon the 2 materials, then perform the Xyz Summon, which will be the 3rd Summon - with this card's effect ending their turn immediately.
  • This card is also good against any Synchro-based deck, since it is necessary to perform at least 2 Summons before Synchro Summoning a monster.
  • If it will not impede on your strategy too much, to avoid having to have your Normal Summon count toward the 3 monster limit, Set your monster in Defense Position and still have 3 summons left before this card is triggered.
  • Use this in an Earthbound Immortal deck to slow the game down and stop opponents from overwhelming you.
  • This card is useful against Pendulum Summons, as it will prevent either player from swarming the field and performing an OTK.

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