• If your opponent Special Summons a monster, Special Summon "Phantom Dragon" with its own effect, and then Tribute it to summon this card on your next turn.
  • As long as you don't Tribute a monster with more than 4700 ATK for this card's summon, "Strong Wind Dragon" will always be stronger than its Tributed monster.
  • If you have "Totem Dragon" in your Graveyard, with no other monsters on the field during your Standby Phase, Special Summon it to the field. Then banish it to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", Special Summon any Dragon-type monster, then sacrifice "Red-Eyes" to Summon "Strong Wind Dragon". You will have a 3800 ATK Dragon (2800/2 +2400 = 3800) with a piercing ability, or sacrifice the Special Summoned Dragon to have two very strong Dragons on the field.
  • This card's attack, combined with its first effect can easily take down any one of the "Monarchs".

Traditional Format