• This also could work well with "Anti-Spell Fragrance"; destroying all their spell cards before they can activate them. Most professional players won't fill up their spell and trap card zone; they will set a few choice spells and traps for your turn as to not leave them vulnerable, which makes this card rather hard to use. So if you are to use this card, find a way to get them to fill up their s/t card zone.
  • This card can be a good counter against a "Crystal Beast" deck, especially if you have an "Ancient Fairy Dragon". After using this card to destroy all the cards in the Spell and Trap Zone, you can use "Ancient Fairy Dragon"'s effect to destroy "Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins" if they have it active. Plus, if they had an "Earthbound Immortal" on the field, it goes down with the field spell, just as long as you don't have a field spell active yourself. This combo will not only wipe out any potential "Earthbound Immortal" threats in a "Crystal Beast" Deck, but you will also gain some life points and a field spell you need.
  • The activation requirements of "Straight Flush" can also be fullfilled while a Chain is taking place, as long as all of the opponent's Spell and Trap card zones are being used.
  • This can be extremely effective against an "Artifact" deck because their effects only resolve during your turn.

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