• If you use this card to destroy your own "Geartown" and your opponent's cards, you will not get the effect of "Geartown" because the effect will miss timing to activate. Unless you do not destroy any of your opponent's cards, then "Geartown" will not miss timing to activate.
  • This card could be useful in a Vylon deck, allowing you destroy your Equip Spell Cards without losing presence. Plus, searching new cards from your deck.
  • As mentioned about Vylon decks, this card is extremely devastating combined with a Big Bang Shot that is equipped to an opponent's monster.
  • Use this card in a "Destiny Board" Deck. By that way, you can keep some useful Spell and Trap cards on your field, and when you get "Destiny Board", use this card to clean your S/T Zone so that the Board can be completed.
  • If you use this card with "Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo", you can clean your S/T Zone to activate the effect of "Destiny Leo", as you get rid or enemy Spells and Traps which could harm it.
  • In most situations this card behaves like a Speed Spell 1 "Double Cyclone". If you find yourself using that card during your Main Phase all the time, you should consider replacing it with this one, because it gives you more options.

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