• Since it is a Level 1 card, "Number 83: Galaxy Queen" can aid in protecting this card from destruction by battle.
  • Since it is a Level 1 card, make this card the target of the effect of "Baby Tiragon" to allow "Stinging Swordsman" to attack directly and trigger its own effect.
    • Combine "Pixie Ring" so you can not only attack directly and activate its effect, but also protect it from attacks.
  • Use "Opti-Camouflage Armor" to allow this card to attack directly.
    • If you have another monster on the field, use this with "Pixie Ring" to protect it from attacks too.
  • Use "Mist Body" to protect it from being destroyed by battle. Alternatively for a less secure protection, use "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" to negate single attacks instead for as long as possible.
  • "Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi" can allow you to lure your opponent into attacking this card and activating this Trap in response to bouncing away the attacker or other dangerous monster one your opponent's side of the field.
  • Use "Infected Mail" to allow this card to attack directly immediately. Then combine with "Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi" to tribute off "Stinging Swordsman" and bounce away one of your opponent's dangerous monster cards before or on your End Phase (when "Infected Mail" activates) to put your opponent at a further disadvantage.
  • Similar to "Cyber Prima", this card is devastating to "Crystal Beast" Decks when they've almost fully prepared their Spell/Trap Zone with monsters and their field Spell "Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins" can't stop it.
    • Be advised, this can also work against you if your opponent had a number of strong "Crystal Beast" monsters they can bring back against you on their next turn as the cards are only returned to your opponent's hand (where as "Cyber Prima" destroys them).
    • If you have them, use "Card Destruction" or prepare "Morphing Jar" to make your opponent discard their entire hand when you're done and reduce their response options!
  • "Dragunity" Decks are vulnerable to this card's effect if they are using their monster equip strategy. As an added bonus, you'll also dodge the destruction effect of "Dragunity Aklys" since it doesn't activate when bounced off the field.
  • Use it to bounce "Armory Arm" back to the Extra Deck and weaken the monster equipped to it.
  • Use it to bounce "Machina" or "Six Samurai" Equip Cards to lower your opponent's defensive set up.
  • This card is deadly against "Earthbound Immortal" and "Malefic" monsters, as you can get rid of your opponent's Field Spell Card and remove their powerful monsters off the field at the same time through their built-in destruction effect when there is no Field Spell Card present.
  • "The Agent" Decks are weakened by this card's effect because many of them need "The Sanctuary in the Sky" on the field to get their most powerful effects and it will be repeatedly bounced away if you can keep the "Stinging Swordsman" alive on the field. At the least it'll allow you a one-shot pass at getting rid of their annoying monsters and do damage at the same time.
    • General "Fairy" Decks are vulnerable to this card through the high number of Continuous Spell support cards they use and "The Sanctuary in the Sky" too.
  • Some Stall and "Final Countdown" Decks are vulnerable to this card's effect through their common strategy of using few monsters and blocking attacks through the high use of Spell and Trap Cards.
  • This card is brutally devastating to "Trap Monster" Decks: none of their Continuous effects can stop the bounce effect of the "Stinging Swordsman", allowing you to strike around their common defenses such as "Imperial Custom" and the "Tiki Soul"/"Tiki Curse" loop.
    • Make sure you have some defenses prepared just in case "Effect Veiler", "Book of Moon" or "Divine Wrath" are used in response to stop this card from triggering, as they are common defense cards for "Trap Monster" Decks too.
  • This card can support Decks that use "Dark Simorgh" quite nicely since "Stinging Swordsman" is a WIND attribute monster with a useful effect. Either use it from your hand as the cost to Special Summoning "Dark Simorgh" from the Graveyard or gain advantage off using the "Stinging Swordsman" on the field first until it hits your graveyard and then use it as the cost to Special Summon "Dark Simorgh" from your hand.
    • Of note, because "Dark Simorgh" stops your opponents from setting cards and "Stinging Swordsman" bounces away your opponent's face-up Spells and Traps when it's effect activates, using both together is an imperfect lock if you can keep them alive.
      • Combine it with a "Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo" (not Flip Summoned or "Dark Simorgh" will be destroyed if it was Special Summoned) on the field too and you'll have an imperfect lock that stops your opponent setting cards, Special Summoning and bouncing away any face-up Spell and Trap Cards they may already have on the field/try to put back on the field.

Traditional Format

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