• Use this card when you want to protect your lifepoints or other monsters and select a weaker monster for Staunch Defender's effect and once that monster is destroyed, your opponent won't be able to declare any more attacks.
  • Another good combo using this card is Ancient Forest, Moon Dragon Quilla and Battle Mania (+ Waboku if the monster(s) on your opponent`s field is stronger than Quilla) this will not only destroy all monsters on your opponent`s field (at the time you activated Battle Mania) but also cause you to gain a significant amount of Life Points
  • Use this card to also prevent Earthbound Immortals from attacking you directly, redirecting towards monsters that can survive their attack.
  • Use Sauropod Brachion with Fairy Box when your opponent attacks, if you guessed Fairy Box timing perfectly, your opponent will be taking 6000 points of damage because Sauropod's effect had double the battle damage that your owner's opponent take.
  • Combo this card with "Elemental HERO Nova Master" so that you'd draw a card for every monster destroyed ("Nova Master" is also fairly easy to summon and has a good ATK).
  • Use this card with a "Madolche Puddingcess" that has had it's attack increased by cards such as "Madolche Lesson" or "Madolche Chateau", not only will any other weaker Madolche monsters be protected, but you will also destroy a huge amount of your opponents cards.

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