Traditional Format

  • Since DARK is an extremely popular attribute among monsters, this is one of the easiest cards to summon with "Super Polymerization".
  • If this Fusion Summoned card is destroyed by the Flip effect of "Cyber Jar", then the Monsters your opponent Special Summoned with its effect will be destroyed.
  • In a Dragon Deck, select this card when you activate "Last Turn". If it is destroyed, your opponent's Special Summoned Monsters will be destroyed along with it. "Keeper of the Shrine's" effect can be chained to this card's, leaving you as the sole player controlling Monsters.
  • Use "Kinka-Byo's" effect to Special Summon "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander" from your Graveyard, giving you two new cards. Then use them to Fusion Summon this card.
    • In a Zombie World Deck, this card can be Special Summoned by "Disk Commander" and a wide variety of monsters--mostly yours, since a great deal of Zombie monsters are DARK.

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