• This card can be used to protect "Vanity's Emptiness" or other important Continuous Spells/Traps.
  • Use "Silver Wing" or "Safe Zone" with this card, so that it can protect your other monsters with its effect.
  • Combo this card with "Safe Zone" to create a nearly impossible to destroy monster.
  • After Summoning this card, you can activate "The Seal of Orichalcos" and use this card's effect to prevent its own destruction. Then, you can Summon "Malefic Stardust Dragon" with its effect to create an unusual Lock. Your opponent cannot attack, "Malefic Stardust Dragon" protects "Orichalcos", and "Stardust Spark Dragon" can protect them both. For additional effectiveness, you can activate "Field Barrier" after activating "Orichalcos" and/or have another "Stardust Spark Dragon" face-up on the field.
  • Use its effect on itself or on a Scrap Dragon you control. This way you can use the latter effect without having to destroy anything on your side of the field.

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