• This card can be Special Summoned using "Limit Overdrive".
    • This card is preferable over "Shooting Quasar Dragon" when using this method, as the latter can only attack multiple times when Synchro Summoned, while this card retains the usage of all of its effects no matter how it was Summoned.
  • Protect this card with the effects of cards like "Safe Zone" and "Silver Wing", as this card's effect will protect them (as well as itself).
  • This card's destruction effect does not target, allowing it to destroy cards that would otherwise be unable to be affected by this card, such as "Obelisk the Tormentor" that cannot be targeted at all, or "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" that can negate effects that target it.
  • This monster's effect allows you to use monster effects such as "Black Rose Dragon", or to activate "The Seal of Orichalcos", that would otherwise be detrimental to their activator, without any concern of what would normally be those cards' drawbacks.


  • Level 8 or lower "Stardust" monsters that can be Special Summoned:
 Japanese nameTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Stardust Assault Warriorスターダスト・アサルト・ウォリアーWarriorWIND621001200
Stardust Charge Warriorスターダスト・チャージ・ウォリアーWarriorWIND620001300
Stardust Dragonスターダスト・ドラゴンDragonWIND825002000
Stardust Phantomスターダスト・ファントムSpellcasterLIGHT100
Stardust Spark Dragon閃珖竜 スターダストDragonLIGHT825002000
Stardust Xiaolongスターダスト・シャオロンDragonLIGHT1100100