• This card's second effect works well with "Follow Wing", as both cards' effects benefit from the opponent controlling Special Summoned monsters.
  • This card's second effect works well with "Cosmic Flare", providing a way to deal with Special Summoned monsters that have certain effects.
  • Equipping this card with "Moon Mirror Shield" will allow this card to attack any Special Summoned monster, no matter how high its ATK or DEF is.
    • This is particularly effective against "Yang Zing" monsters, since this card will be able to destroy by battle any "Yang Zing" monsters that the opponent chooses to Special Summon.
  • In a "Zefra" Deck, this card can be combined with "Oracle of Zefra", allowing one to immediately draw the monster placed on the top of the Deck by its third bulleted effect.
    • Additionally, by pairing this card with a Level 4 Pendulum Summoned "Zefra" monster, it is possible to Synchro Summon "Nirvana High Paladin".
  • Summon this card, then activate "Ojama Trio" and "Final Attack Orders", then attack for 6900 damage. If you can increase this card's ATK by 400, this will be enough for an OTK.

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