• Since this card's effect is similar to that of "Kagetokage", using it in combo with "Star Seraph Scout" (that has a similar effect to that of "Tin Goldfish" or "Goblindbergh") ends up in the same combo used in "Gadget" Decks to Summon 3 cards Xyz Monster (the goal of this very Deck). Netting yourself a Special Summon Xyz Monster and a draw at the same time.
    • If there is this card and a "Star Seraph Scepter" in your hand, "Scepter" can be Normal Summoned, activate its effect to search a second "Sovereignty", then Special Summon this card from your hand (since both effects are optional, build the chain like this: Chain Link 1: Activate the effect of "Sovereignty", Chain Link 2: Activate the effect of "Scepter" to get another copy of "Sovereignty". After the first "Sovereignty" is Summoned, ending the chain, activate your second copy's effect from your hand in response to the first one's Summon). After the chain resolves, the second "Sovereignty" can be Special Summoned from your hand (in response to this card's Special Summon). This will let yourself a monster that needs 3 Materials to be Xyz Summoned, such as "Stellarknight Delteros" or "Number 16: Shock Master" (OCG only), with no loss in hand advantage.

Traditional Format


  • Rank 4 Xyz Monsters that can use 3 or more Materials, including this card:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeATKDEF
Bujinki Amaterasu武神姫-アマテラスLIGHTBeast-Warrior26002500
CXyz Battleship Cherry BlossomCX 激烈華戦艦タオヤメEARTHPlant24002000
CXyz Mechquipped Djinn AngeneralCX 機装魔人エンジェネラルDARKFairy26001600
Evilswarm Ouroborosヴェルズ・ウロボロスDARKDragon27501950
Gagagigo the Risen覚醒の勇士 ガガギゴWATERReptile29502800
Night Papilloperativeナイト・バタフライ・アサシンDARKWarrior26002000
Number 10: IllumiknightNo.10 白輝士イルミネーターLIGHTWarrior24002400
Number 16: Shock MasterNo.16 色の支配者ショック・ルーラーLIGHTFairy23001600
Number 32: Shark DrakeNo.32 海咬龍シャーク・ドレイクWATERSea Serpent28002100
Number 57: Tri-Head Dust DragonNo.57 奮迅竜トレスラグーンFIREDragon1002600
Number 69: Heraldry CrestNo.69 紋章神コート・オブ・アームズLIGHTPsychic26001400
Number 91: Thunder Spark DragonNo.91 サンダー・スパーク・ドラゴンLIGHTDragon24002000
Number 102: Star Seraph SentryNo.102 光天使グローリアス・ヘイローLIGHTFairy25002000
Number 104: MasqueradeNo.104 仮面魔踏士シャイニングLIGHTSpellcaster27001200
Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star CestusNo.105 BK 流星のセスタスFIREWarrior25001600
Number C39: Utopia RayCNo.39 希望皇ホープレイLIGHTWarrior25002000
Number S39: Utopia PrimeSNo.39 希望皇ホープONELIGHTWarrior25102000
One-Eyed Skill Gainer隻眼のスキル・ゲイナーLIGHTWarrior25002600
Stellarknight Delteros星輝士 デルタテロスLIGHTWarrior25002100
Tin Archdukeブリキの大公EARTHMachine22001200
Unformed Void虚構王アンフォームド・ボイドLIGHTAqua00
Vylon Disigmaヴァイロン・ディシグマLIGHTFairy25002100
Zoodiac Boarbow十二獣ワイルドボウEARTHBeast-Warrior??
Zoodiac Drident十二獣ドランシアEARTHBeast-Warrior??
Zoodiac Tigermortar十二獣タイグリスEARTHBeast-Warrior??

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