• In addition to making it easier to Synchro Summon a Monster, this card's effect can be used like a one-time "Mausoleum of the Emperor" to let you Normal Summon a high-Level monster from your hand without Tributes.
  • You can combine the above strategy with "Cost Down" to summon a really high-level monster like "Yubel" from your hand.
  • If you have enough lifepoints, decrease the level of one of your monster down to one. Then equip the selected monster with "Opti-Camouflage Armor" for a one turn direct attack.
  • If you selected a Normal monster, equip it with "Amulet of Ambition" before decreasing its level with this card. In that way, the selected monster will get a major power boost when it attacks an opposing monster.
  • If your field has a high number of Normal Monsters (up to five monsters), decrease one Normal monster down to level 3 before equipping the selected monster with "Sword of the Soul-Eater". At that point, the selected monster will gain a major power boost, depending on the number of monsters that you tribute for the sword's effect.
  • Use this card to allow a high level monster to attack even while cards like "Gravity Bind" are in play.
  • Use this card in an "Alien" deck to summon "Alien Overlord" without tributing a monster.
  • You can summon "Dark Simorgh" for only 1500 Life Points. If you do this early in the game and have a way to protect it, like "Destruction Jammer" or "Starlight Road", you can prevent your opponent from defending themselves and maybe get an early win.
  • This card can greatly increase your chances for an Xyz Summon by adjusting the Level of 1 of the monsters in your Hand.

Traditional Format

  • This card can lower the Level of "Victory Dragon" to 4 or lower, making it so those 3 Tributes are not required.


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