• If you don't fear your opponent Xyz Summoning a Rank 2 Xyz Monster, combo this card with the effect of "Nimble Musasabi" to give your opponent a low ATK monster for you to target with this card.
    • The effects of "Miracle Flipper", "Destiny HERO - Departed" (this can be difficult to accomplish), and "Worm Ugly" can also be used instead.
    • Be wary of the fact your opponent can still Tribute their monster that you targeted, neutralizing this card completely.
      • Use "Mask of Restrict" to get around this - it prevents players from Tributing, rather than preventing monsters from being Tributed, so the "unaffected by other card effects" part of this card does not apply.
  • Use cards such as "Creature Swap", "Mystic Box" and "Shien's Spy" to control which monster your opponent controls to target with this card.
    • If you use "Shien's Spy", once the effect of this card resolves, the monster you gave to your opponent will return to you once it is unaffected by other card effects, essentially allowing you to target 2 monsters you control.