• Use with "The Six Samurai - Nisashi" to destroy 2 monsters and draw 2 cards instead of 1. If no monsters are available, you can use "Ojama Trio" to draw 2 cards and inflict 600 damage.
  • By Special Summoning this monster with "Double-Edged Sword Technique" and then equipping it to the other Six Samurai you summoned, you will be left with the other monster on the field and take no damage. "Spirit" will not be destroyed by "Sword Technique's" effect because it is no longer a monster, and will instead be destroyed in place of the monster it is equipped to.
    • For an even better alternative, Special Summon 2 of this card with Sword Technique and then equip two of your other Samurai. Then none of your cards will be destroyed and your warriors will get to keep their boost!

Traditional Format

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