• Combine with "Battle Mania" to shift your opponent's entire field to Defense Position.
  • This card can be an effective field card for stall decks, effectively cutting the number of attacks you have to withstand in half.
  • After your opponent's monsters have been changed to Defense Position, you can use cards like "Shield Crush" to destroy or cards like "Gravity Axe - Grarl" to make sure they stay in that position.
  • This card can prove extremely useful for "Gladiator Beast" Decks because after they attack you can just switch them for different monsters, preventing them for being switched to Defense Position. Meanwhile, their monsters will be changed to Defense Position, allowing your monsters to attack without fear of destruction by battle.
  • This card would go great with "Total Defense Shogun" since it can attack while in Defense Position, while forcing all others into a vulnerable situation.
  • By combining this card with the "Gyroid"/"The Dark Door", you can even stop double-attackers from destroying your monsters, because after the first attack their monster would switch into Defense Position.
  • Once your opponent's monsters have been changed to Defense Position, you can use "Shadowslayer" to attack them directly.
  • Use "Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua" with this card. After attacking directly, it will be switched to Defense Position, and your opponent cannot conduct their next Battle Phase. Then, during your next turn, you can use Chacu's effect to inflict 1200 damage while still in Defense Position.

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