• Toon Decks can also benefit from this card, as "Toon World" is an important component in these Decks.
  • Chain this card to "Mystik Wok" to gain a good deal of Life Points twice.
  • Use this with "Double Summon" to Normal Summon two monsters for two turns.
  • This card can be useful with any Equip Spell Cards, but it in particular shines when used with any that have effects when sent to the graveyard.
    • An example of this is "Supervise". When "Supervise" is sent to the grave, you can Special Summon a Normal Monster or a Gemini monster and immediately regain "Supervise" to use on the revived Gemini monster.
  • Chain this card when you activate "Infernity Launcher" to allow yourself to swarm while you also search out "Infernity Barrier".
    • In fact, "Spell Reclamation" is useful with any field spell to quickly regain field advantage if your opponents destroys it or plays their own.
  • Use this card on "Limiter Removal" will let you double the double you just did. For example, doing this with "Jinzo 7" will give you a 2000 direct attacker for one turn.
  • Chain this card to "Monster Reborn", discard a powerful monster for its cost and ultimately reborn two powerful monsters.

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