• To easily activate this card, use "Machine Duplication" on a face-up "Ancient Gear" monster with 500 ATK or less to summon 2 more of the selected card from your Deck.
  • After using this card to get 2 "Ancient Gear Golems" you can use "Limiter Removal" To inflict 12000 damage to OTK the opponent unless the only monsters on the opponent's side of the field has 2000 ATK or DEF (if there's more then one) but be aware that if something goes wrong (like "Waboku" being Chained to the activation of Limiter Removal) you will be wide open with no monsters to protect you due to Limiter Removal and being unable to Normal Summon or Set until the end of your next turn.

Traditional Format

  • Use "Change of Heart" before activating this card to destroy an opponent's monster.

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