• This card's first effect can be used to send a "Miscellaneousaurus" to the Graveyard, whose second effect can be used to Special Summon a Level 4 Dinosaur monster, setting up for a Rank 4 Xyz Summon with this card.
    • Alternatively, "Miscellaneousaurus" can be added to the hand first, so that its first effect can be used as well.
    • If the Levels of the Dinosaur monsters in the Graveyard are insufficient to Summon a higher-Level Dinosaur monster, then "Petiteranodon" can be Special Summoned instead, since it can be subsequently destroyed by this card's second effect and have its own effect triggered to Special Summon the desired higher-Level monster.
  • This card's first effect can be used to search "Ultimate Conductor Tyranno" but, alternatively, it is possible to thin the Deck by sending "Overtex Qoatlus" to the Graveyard instead, which will trigger its last effect, searching "Double Evolution Pill", which in turn can be used to Special Summon "Ultimate Conductor Tyranno".
  • This card's second effect is ideal for destroying "Babycerasaurus" or "Petiteranodon", in order to trigger that monster's effect.


 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Anthrosaurus恐竜人Normal MonsterEARTH31000850
BabycerasaurusベビケラサウルスEffect MonsterEARTH2500500
Black Brachios暗黒ブラキEffect MonsterEARTH418001100
Black Ptera暗黒プテラEffect MonsterWIND31000500
Black Stego暗黒ステゴEffect MonsterEARTH412002000
Black Veloci暗黒ヴェロキEffect MonsterEARTH41800300
CarboneddonカーボネドンEffect MonsterEARTH3800600
Crawling Dragon 2屍を貪る竜Normal MonsterEARTH416001200
DestroyersaurusキラーザウルスEffect MonsterEARTH418001100
Element Saurusエレメント・ザウルスEffect MonsterDARK415001200
Evilswarm Salamandraヴェルズ・サラマンドラEffect MonsterDARK41850950
Evolsaur Ceratoエヴォルダー・ケラトEffect MonsterFIRE419001400
Evolsaur Diploエヴォルダー・ディプロドクスEffect MonsterFIRE41600800
Evolsaur Peltaエヴォルダー・ペルタEffect MonsterFIRE411002000
Evolsaur Vulcanoエヴォルダー・ウルカノドンEffect MonsterFIRE412001000
Giant Rexジャイアント・レックスEffect MonsterEARTH420001200
Gilasaurus俊足のギラザウルスEffect MonsterEARTH31400400
HydrogeddonハイドロゲドンEffect MonsterWATER416001000
Hyper HammerheadハイパーハンマーヘッドEffect MonsterEARTH415001200
Jurrac Aeoloジュラック・アウロEffect MonsterFIRE1200200
Jurrac Brachisジュラック・ブラキスEffect MonsterFIRE310001000
Jurrac Dinoジュラック・デイノEffect MonsterFIRE31700800
Jurrac Gallimジュラック・ガリムEffect MonsterFIRE212000
Jurrac Guaibaジュラック・グアイバEffect MonsterFIRE41700400
Jurrac Iguanonジュラック・イグアノンEffect MonsterFIRE41700700
Jurrac Monolophジュラック・モノロフEffect MonsterFIRE315001200
Jurrac Protopsジュラック・プロトプスEffect MonsterFIRE417001200
Jurrac Pteraジュラック・プティラEffect MonsterFIRE38001500
Jurrac Staurikoジュラック・スタウリコEffect MonsterFIRE2500400
Jurrac Veloジュラック・ヴェローEffect MonsterFIRE417001000
Jurraegg TokenジュラエッグトークンToken Monster
Effect Monster
Kabazauls大くしゃみのカバザウルスNormal MonsterWATER417001500
Little Dベビー・ティーレックスNormal MonsterEARTH31100700
Mad Sword Beast猛進する剣角獣Effect MonsterEARTH414001200
Magical Cavalry of Cxulubシュルブの魔導騎兵Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Mammoth Graveyardマンモスの墓場Normal MonsterEARTH31200800
Megalosmasher XメガロスマッシャーXNormal MonsterWATER420000
Miracle Jurassic Egg奇跡のジュラシック・エッグEffect MonsterEARTH402000
Miscellaneousaurus幻創のミセラサウルスEffect MonsterFIRE418001000
OxygeddonオキシゲドンEffect MonsterWIND41800800
PetiteranodonプチラノドンEffect MonsterEARTH2500500
Re: EXRe:EXEffect MonsterLIGHT419001200
SabersaurusセイバーザウルスNormal MonsterEARTH41900500
Samurai Cavalry of Reptierレプティアの武者騎兵Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Souleating Oviraptor魂喰いオヴィラプターEffect MonsterDARK41800500
Steel Cavalry of Dinonディノンの鋼鉄騎兵Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
TomozaurusトモザウルスNormal MonsterEARTH2500400
TrakodonトラコドンNormal MonsterEARTH31300800
Two-Headed King Rex二頭を持つキング・レックスNormal MonsterEARTH416001200
Two-Mouth Darkruler二つの口を持つ闇の支配者Normal MonsterEARTH3900700
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