• "Soul Taker" works well in Decks where you don't need to lower the opponents Life Points, such as an "Exodia" Deck or Mill Deck.
  • "Soul Taker" also works well with "Rapid-Fire Magician", since it's a Normal Spell Card your opponent loses 400 Life Points, thereby only gaining them 600 Life Points; or with "Dark Eradicator Warlock", which can completely erase your opponent's Life Points gain from that effect.
  • "Soul Taker" easily pays the cost since losing a monster usually means you can do more damage to your opponent.
  • Combo with "Asleep at the Switch" to destroy a second monster, making the Life Point gain rendered almost moot for your opponent
  • "Soul Taker" is a good way to destroy "Yang Zing" monsters, as it will cause them to miss the timing.

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