• This card combos well with the 'Elemental Dragons'. Each dragon has a specific effect when it is banished.
  • This works excellently with Chaos Zone, granting you 5 counters, which is enough to instantly Summon a monster that is banished. (Not to mention, it can banish the monster you want to Special Summon via Chaos Zone)
  • This card can be very helpful in decks that use Necroface. If you remove Necroface with the effect of Gold Sarcophagus and activate its effect, then activate Soul Release to banish cards from your Graveyard, you can then return those cards back to your deck once you get Necroface back from Gold Sarcophagus's effect and Summon it. You could even remove Spell and Trap cards to reuse them later, not to mention the additional attack boost for Necroface.
  • This card can give a quick boost to monsters that gain attack from banished cards, such as Gren Maju Da Eiza and the Helios line.
  • Strike a heavy blow against a "Wight" deck by removing 5 monsters from their Graveyard.
  • This card can be useful to banish cards sent to the Graveyard prior to the activation of "Macro Cosmos".

Traditional Format

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