• This card combos well with "Queen Dragun Djinn", as it will make it hard for your opponent to get rid of this card, due to "Queen Dragun Djinn" preventing this card from being destroyed by battle. And if "Queen Dragun Djinn" Special Summoned this card, it will have its effects negated; so this card can attack it directly and your opponent will be able to receive battle damage this turn. This comes at the cost of this card not gaining ATK and being unable to attack the turn it was Summoned by "Queen Dragun Djinn".
  • If this card is Special Summoned with "Hieratic Dragon King of Atum", this card's effect of gaining ATK equal to the difference between both players' Life Points can compensate the effect of "Atum" reducing this card's ATK to 0. This is recommended when your Life Points are dangerously low compared to your opponent.
  • "Number 46: Dragluon" can Special Summon this card with almost no drawbacks at all ("Queen Dragun Djinn" prevents "Drain Dragon" from attacking the turn it is Summoned, while "Atum" reduces the ATK of "Drain Dragon" to 0). The only drawback from this choice is that the effects "Dragluon" are harder to use as they require for it to be the only monster you control in order to activate any of them.
  • Provided this card is in your hand, you can use the effect of "Galaxy Stealth Dragon" to Special Summon this card with no drawbacks to this card itself. Unlike "Dragulon", "Galaxy Stealth Dragon" also has no conditions which limit when you can use its effect to Summon this card.

Traditional Format

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