• If "Macro Cosmos" is face-up on the field, use "Gold Sarcophagus" to remove from play "Necroface", and you will gain a total of 6000 LP (1000 thanks to "Necroface" and "Gold Sarcophagus"). Two turns later, you can use Necroface to return these cards to your Deck, and bring Necroface's ATK to a minimum of 2300. If Necroface is removed from play later, you will gain additional 5,500 LP.
  • This card combos very well with "Fiend Comedian" if you call the coin toss right. If used late in the duel, it can give you a potentially massive increase in Life Points.
  • 1 card combos:
    • "Inferno Tempest" = massive 1-time increase in Life Points.
    • "Skull Lair" = assuming you are destroying Level 3 or higher monsters, a good source of Life Points.
    • Pot of Desires: to gain 5000 LP instantaneously
    • "Fiend Comedian" = if you call the coin toss right, a potentially massive gain in Life Points.
      • (If you call it wrong, but "Macro Cosmos" is face-up on the field, you will gain the same amount of Life Points as you would have if you called it right.)
    • "Future Visions" = 500 Life Points each time a monster is Normal Summoned.
    • "Soul Release" = a maximum gain of 2500 Life Points.
    • "Handless Fake" (in an Infernity deck preferably) = a good revenue of Life Points during each of your turns.
    • "Return from the Different Dimension" = a maximum gain of 2500 Life Points during the End Phase.

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