Note: This card can only be used in the Tag Force video game series.

  • In any other case, because it also has a devastating effect in and of itself, it would be wise to always use the maximum of three copies of "Slash Draw".
  • Use cards like "Good Goblin Housekeeping", "Crystal Seer" and "Recycle" to put one "Slash Draw" in the bottom of your Deck. Then, when you have cards in your Deck equal to the number of cards on the field +1, activate another "Slash Draw" from your hand; all cards in your Deck but the last one - "Slash Draw" - will be sent to the Graveyard, so you have 100% chance of drawing "Slash Draw" through this effect.
  • This is very useful in a Elemental HERO/Neo-Spacian Deck as well, nevermind "Slash Draw"'s true effect, the milling ability of this card can be useful for getting the cards into the Graveyard needed for "Miracle Fusion" and "Miracle Contact" quicker.

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