Traditional Format

  • You should almost always choose the numbers 5 and 6 when you use this card, to maximize your possible advantage and minimize your possible disadvantage.
  • This card has almost no drawback in "Lightsworn", "Bujin", Zombie, "Inzektor", and especially "Dragon Ruler" Decks, as it doesn't matter if you guess right or wrong; these Decks receive extra benefits from milling.
    • In "Dragon Ruler" Decks where the vast majority of the cards can be played just as well out of the Graveyard as out of the hand, it can sometimes be beneficial to call a different pair of numbers such as 3 and 4, or 2 and 3, such as if you are in certain endgame situations and wish to minimize variance. When using such a Deck, calling a lower pair of numbers essentially worsens your best outcomes and improves your worst outcomes.[1]
  • Use this card alongisde "That Six" and declare 1 and 6 to always win the prediction, as well as gain a 50% chance to gain a massive +5 in card advantage.



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