• You can summon this card easily in Mecha Phantom Beast Decks by using the "Mecha Phantom Beast tokens since they are WIND,
  • This card could be used in a Gusto deck, particularly combined with "Daigusto Eguls" which can help cleaning the opponent's back row directly on the end phase.
  • While this card is on your side of the field, in order for it to work in its full potential you must keep your opponent's back row clear. This can be done with the effect of "Anteatereatingant". Also, ensure that there are two or more Spell or Trap Cards on your side of the field, in order for "Simorgh's" effect to not damage you.
  • Combo this card with "Windmill Genex". To avoid taking a lot of damage at the end of each turn, your opponent may set at least 2 Spell or Trap cards to cancel its effect. If you do the same thing, "Windmill Genex" gains at least 1200 ATK.
  • You would be able to use those 2 cards to combo with "Simorgh": "Pole Position" and "Burden of the Mighty". This way, you get a rampaging front-line while only your opponent takes 1000 damage.
  • Using this card's dark counterpart with this card makes it harder for them to avoid damage.
  • Summon "Des Wombat" to save yourself from taking damage in the event that you have no spells or traps and gain 1000 Lifepoints.

Traditional Format

  • It's best to use "Giant Trunade" over "Heavy Storm" to clear your Opponent's Spell and Trap Zones. This way you can reset and activate yours and save your life points. The only down side is, your opponent can save him/herself on the following turn.

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