• You can use a copy of this card in a Heraldic Beast deck : Not only it will serve as a decent beatstick, but should your opponent remove it, it can resurrect a previously-banished Psychic-type Xyz monster (In particular Number 8, Number 18 and Number C69, the later splashable in any deck that uses Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force) with its effects intact. Remember however that using it as an Xyz material and detaching doesn't count as "being sent to the grave from the field.
  • 1900 ATK makes "Silent Psychic Wizard" a good alternative or supplement to "Psychic Snail" as a solid beatdown card. If you target "Krebons" to be banished, then you can continue straight into a nice blocking move to prepare for a Synchro Summon when it is Special Summoned to the field.
    • And as a further play, you can Tribute Summon "Overdrive Teleporter" using the Psychic-Type monster you have Special Summon to the field to go into an alternative Synchro Summon play.
      • To go even further you can banish a Level 3 Psychic-Type monster with the effect of "Wizard", Tribute it to Summon "Overdrive" Summoning the Level 3. Use the effect of "Overdrive" to get 2 more Level 3 Psychic-Types (at least one Tuner) then sync them all into "Overmind Archfiend".
  • This card is a godsend for "Gusto" Decks (mainly Psycho-Gusto variant) due to most of the "Gusto" monsters are low in ATK and composed of mostly Psychic-Type, which this card can compliment and support.
    • Bringing back "Daigusto Sphreez" with this card's effect can put more pressure for your opponent, since if they battle any of your "Gusto" monster(s), they will take battle damage regardless.
  • Summon this card, banishing a powerful Psychic-Type monster from the Graveyard, then activate "Emergency Teleport" to Summon a Psychic-Type Tuner monster. Synchro Summon using those monsters, and the banished monster will also be Summoned, giving you 2 powerful monsters at once.
  • Use this card if "Overmind Archfiend" gets destroyed. Play "Brain Research Lab", then Summon this card and banish "Overmind". Then Summon a Tuner, Synchro Summon and return "Overmind".

Traditional Format

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