• This card is most quickly Summoned by using "Level Up!" on a "Silent Magician LV4".
  • This card works well in combination with "Tyrant's Temper" to cancel out your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards.
  • "Exchange" works well with this card in your hand because your opponent isn't likely to have the cards to Summon it themselves.
  • "Honest" works well with this card to attack as it is a LIGHT monster.
  • "Pot of Avarice" works to bring back multiple copies of this card from the Graveyard as it can only be Special Summoned by its own effect.
  • "Riryoku" works well with this card as it can be used to siphon off ATK from itself to another of your own monsters, or your opponent's. Combined with "Misfortune", this card can devastate your opponent's LP.
  • "Berserker Crush" works if this card is in the Graveyard since another copy is more likely to be Summoned than use "Level Modulation" to Special Summon it back to the field.

Traditional Format

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