• Combine this card with "DNA Transplant", to destroy any monster your opponent controls.
  • Use this card with "Double Summon" or "Ultimate Offering". You can summon many "Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier" in one turn, and destroy many of your opponent's monsters.
  • While you control a weak"Ice Barrier" monster and your opponent has 1 monster, Summon "Shock Troop" and activate "Creature Swap" and take control of your opponents monster and give them a weak monster like "Defender of the Ice Barrier". Next, activate "Shock Troopers" ability, destroying defender and adding a monster like "Prior of the Ice Barrier" to revive defender later, but leaving their field open.
  • Use this card with "Oyster Meister" to offset the card loss. If the monster retrieved by "Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier" requires a Tribute, the "Oyster Token" can be used for it as well.

Traditional Format

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