• "Utopia" or "Utopic" Xyz Monsters that require 3 Xyz Materials:
Number 99: Utopic DragonDragonLIGHT10400020003 Level 10 monsters
Number S0: Utopic ZEXALWarriorLIGHT0??3 "Number" Xyz Monsters with the same Rank
Number C39: Utopia RayWarriorLIGHT4250020003 Level 4 LIGHT monsters
Number C39: Utopia Ray VWarriorLIGHT5260020003 Level 5 monsters
Number C39: Utopia Ray VictoryWarriorLIGHT5280025003 Level 5 monsters
Number S39: Utopia PrimeWarriorLIGHT4251020003 Level 4 LIGHT monsters
Number S39: Utopia the LightningWarriorLIGHT5250020003 Level 5 LIGHT monsters

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