• Combining this card with "bait" such as an Attack Position "Ojama Yellow", you could switch an attack straight to a powerful monster.
  • Combine with "Yubel" for best results.
  • This card can be used to force your opponent to attack "Exploder Dragon" with a powerful monster. This will destroy both monsters.
  • This card is very useful for switching attacks or effects to monsters that are immune to them. Such as a spell card to "Silent Magician LV8" or an attack to "Marshmallon".
  • In any Deck utilizing "Fiend's Sanctuary", "Shift" is essential, and with enough copies of this trap, you can, under the right circumstances, reduce your opponent's Life Points to 0 in as shortly as a single turn.
  • In a Deck of Gemini monsters, redirect an attack to a Defense Position "Gemini Soldier". Not only will you take no damage but Gemini Soldier will most likely not be destroyed and you can Special Summon a Level 4 Gemini Monster from your Deck.
    • An excellent target for this Special Summon would be "Dark Valkyria" since it has high ATK for its Level and you can use it to destroy the attacking monster on your turn.
  • Use this card to redirect the attack of a powerful monster to a face-down "Ghostrick Yuki-onna". This will cause the attacking monster to be paralyzed in a permanent face-down Defense Position state, making it easy prey for attacks or destruction effects.
  • Use this in conjuction with Chocolate, Apple or Berry Magician Girls to switch attack targets and kick off their effects.

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