• Use this with a monster that has an ability that activates in the Graveyard, such as Newdoria or Mystic Tomato, because their respective effects activate regardless of who destroys it, and remember that you get the effect since it was sent to your Graveyard.
  • Give a weak monster to your opponent and attack it to deal a lot of damage. This is really useful if your opponent is low on life points and has a monster on their side of the field with a high ATK or DEF you can't get through.
  • Give one of your monsters to your opponent and use "Breakthrough!" to destroy that monster and follow up with a series of direct attacks by your Six-Samurai monsters.
  • Use this card to transfer control of a high-ATK monster to your opponent, then Summon "Copycat" to duplicate that monster's ATK. In addition, you get back the transferred monster, giving you two high-ATK monsters.
  • Use Kunoichi to have your opponent discard 1 card.
  • Equip the transferred card with Vengeful Servant to potentially deal out a high amount of burn damage.
  • Mystic Box and Creature Swap are great alternatives to this card if you opponent has a monster out and you want to give them yours.
  • Use Relay Soul and Stand-Off and another monster to give to your opponent, activate Stand Off, with the effect of Shien's Spy you will have 2 monsters immune to effects, battle and destruction.
  • Use this card to give a high ATK monster to your opponent, then activate Ring of Destruction to destroy it and deal damage to both players.