• Use this card to tribute unwanted monsters on your side of the field like Lava Golem.
  • Use this card to help free up your monster zone while at the same time getting rid of a opponent's monster.
  • Use this card to tribute a "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" that you special summoned with "Instant Fusion" after using its effect so that your monsters can attack.
  • Use this card to tribute "Relinkuriboh" so you can draw a card while getting rid of an opponent's monster. This also sets you up for Relinkuriboh's second effect.
  • Use this card with "Soul Exchange" to get rid of two of the opponent's monsters.
  • Use this card with "Scapegoat", Tributing one "Sheep Token" to get rid of one of the opponent's monsters.
  • This card makes for a good tech in Evol decks; tribute your own "Evoltile Najasho" to trigger its effect to special summon an Evolsaur from your deck. If you summon "Evolsaur Diplo" or "Evolsaur Vulcano", you can either destroy an opponent's Spell/Trap or Special Summon a monster, respectively. either way, both Evolsaur's effects help maintain Card Advantage.
  • You can use this card in a Hieratic Deck; use it to tribute your Hieratic Dragons, triggering their special summon effects, while simultaneously getting rid of your opponent's problematic monsters.