• "DNA Transplant" would make all monsters on the field DARK attribute monsters, allowing you to sacrifice any of your monsters.
    • You can use this tactic in a deck that summons many tokens to make them viable tributes for her effect.
    • You can use it with "Scapegoat" to inflict 3200LP damage (with all tokens now DARK attribute), that can be increased by 1200LP damage with one copy of "Dark Room of Nightmare", making a total of 6800LP damage possible with three copies ( 3200 + 1200 + 1200 + 1200 ).
  • This card is best played with "Phantom Skyblaster". Summon "Phantom Skyblaster" with just "Shadowpriestess" on the field to gain 2 tokens, then either tribute both the "Phantom Skyblaster" and the tokens straight away to inflict 2400LP damage or wait until your next Standby Phase to inflict 900LP damage (provided you are not attacked) and then tribute them for a total of 3300LP damage.
    • This combo can be furthered by using "Dark Room of Nightmare" for an additional 1200LP damage, totalling at 4500LP damage to your opponent (with just 3 cards)!
  • Use this card with "Overmind Archfiend" while three or more DARK attribute Psychic-type monsters are banished with its effect to create a possible OTK scenario if you're lucky:
    • Attack your opponent directly with "Overmind Archfiend" and "Shadowpriestess" to inflict a possible 5000LP damage.
    • Tribute "Overmind Archfiend" with "Shadowpriestess" for 800LP damage to then trigger its effect to Special Summon the three or more DARK attribute Psychic-type monsters that were banished by its effect already.
    • Finish by then tributing all of these monsters with "Shadowpriestess" and even this card too (if required) to hit 8000LP or more damage in a single turn. [5000 + 800 + (800 x 3) = 8200LP]
  • Combo this with "Kuriboh" and "Multiply" to have a field's worth of tributes to inflict 3200LP points of damage (800 x 4 = 3200LP), as all the "Kuriboh Tokens" will have the DARK Attribute.
  • This card may be useful with "Plaguespreader Zombie"; Tribute "PlagueSpreader Zombie" and later, revive it via its own Effect. To prevent it of being banished, activate 1 "Imperial Iron Wall". Don't forget that if you use it's effect various times, you will have no cards in hand. To prevent it, you can use the effect of "Morphing Jar to get back all of your cards returned as a cost for the effect of "PlagueSpreader" and keep using this combo for a possible OTK

Traditional Format

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