• While any "Scrap" monster is on the field, you can recover this card with "Scrap Orthros", using its effect to destroy itself, then Normal Summon this card and Special Summon "Orthros" for "Scrap Dragon".
    • If "Scrap Searcher" was in the Graveyard when "Orthros" was destroyed, Special Summon it by its own effect and Synchro Summon "Scrap Twin Dragon".
      • You can Summon "Scrap Twin Dragon" by Special Summoning "Scrap Soldier".
  • After you Special Summon the "Scrap" Tuner, Special Summon "Scrap Orthros" from your hand. This achieves three things: it recovers another "Scrap" from your Graveyard, guarantees "Scrap Dragon" no matter the Tuner you revive, and it creates an opening for "Scrap Searcher".

Traditional Format

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