• When you have "Scrap Beast" or "Scrap Goblin" on your side of the field, Special Summon this monster and destroy the Tuner you have out, grabbing "Scrap Golem" from your Graveyard and Tribute "Scrap Breaker" for the "Scrap Golem" and either
    • a) Special Summon a big "Scrap" monster like "Scrap Beast" or "Scrap Chimera" for an aggressive play
    • b) Synchro set-up,
    • c) just to bring out a "Scrap Golem" for future spam abuse and still have a "Scrap" Tuner to use "Scrapstorm" with OR you can even Special Summon a "Scrap Goblin" to your opponents side of the field in Defense Position and run into it, letting it die and you can then return a "Scrap Chimera" or another useful "Scrap" monster
  • You can also summon the "Scrap Breaker", destroying any "Scrap" Tuner monster and grab back "Scrap Chimera", summon it to Special Summon "Scrap Beast" or "Scrap Goblin" for a +1 in card advantage. Then you can Synchro Summon a "Scrap Dragon" or "Scrap Twin Dragon" depending on what "Scrap" Tuner monster you have out and either have 2 beatsticks. You could use the "Scrap Breaker" as a target for "Scrap Dragon" or use the "Scrap Chimera" for the effect of "Scrap Twin Dragon".
  • This card would be a good choice in a Beatdown-Deck focused on "Skill Drain".
  • You can use this card in any Deck that uses "Forbidden Chalice". Summon this card with its effect and activate "Forbidden Chalice" to negate its effect that destroys one of your monsters.
  • This card can summon any of the "Meklord" monsters easily.

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