• Activate this card during your opponent's End Phase, in order to surpass the drawback of not being able to Summon any other monster.
  • Chain "All-Out Attacks" to force your opponent to attack with the tokens, or at least change them to Attack Position if it's during your turn.
  • This card is useful in decks that use "Tyrant's Temper" and "Tyrant's Tirade".
  • You can use the Sheep Tokens with "D.Tribe" for four of the five monsters required for "Five-Headed Dragon".
  • If you use this card during the End Phase of your oppenent and have all tokens during your turn, you can use the tokens for summon two copies of "Missus Radiant", and have a good boost for EARTH deck, a anti WIND field, or simply two monster with 2400 ATK. You can also use your two "Missus Radiant" for summon a Link 4 monster, like "Firewall Dragon" or "Topologic Bomber Dragon" in one turn.

Traditional Format

  • This works well with "Substitoad" in a Frog Deck, since you can bring out up to four "Frog" monsters.