• Use "D.D. Designator" to declare the name of an extremely powerful monster then summon this card to mimic it.
  • This card can be very useful with "D.D. Crow".
  • This card is a wise choice for a Side Deck in mirror matches with "Gladiator Beasts".
  • This card can be very useful for Zombie decks that run "Book of Life", especially when facing a "Lightsworn" or "Dark Armed Dragon" based deck.
  • Side Deck this card for any deck using "Allure of Darkness" or any other popular cards that require your opponent to remove from play.
  • Use this card with "Memory Crush King", since "Memory Crush King" can remove Synchro Monsters; Synchros tend to have high ATK, so that can be used to your advantage.
  • With "Dark Core", you can use it on an opponent's monster with high ATK (eg. "Five-Headed Dragon") and then use the effect of "Scanner" on the monster you removed from play.

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