• Use in a "Wind-Up" Deck as way to consistently "wind up" your monsters.
  • Force your opponent's monsters to battle this card with "Battle Mania". They'll take an enormous amount of damage due to this card's damage-doubling effect and high original DEF. The damage they take can be further increased if their monsters' ATK is drop with "Fairy Box" "Mirror Wall" or "Shrink"; and their monsters can be destroyed if "Continuous Destruction Punch" is used.
  • Further damage can be inflicted to your opponent by using "D2 Shield" which raises permanently the DEF of "Brachion" to 6000.
  • If this card is in Defense Position, and it's the only monster on your field or your opponent's attack targets can be chosen; this card, "All-Out Attacks" and "Nightmare Archfiends" or "Ojama Trio" can be used for an OTK.
    • In fact, if "All-Out Attacks" is used, and activate "Ojama Trio", this card can be Summoned from your hand with "Hunting Instinct". It will be changed to Attack Position because of "All-Out Attacks", but that's okay because your opponent would lose 3000 points from each battle between this card and an "Ojama Token" (not counting the 300 damage taken when "Ojama Tokens" are destroyed).
  • Summon "Avalanching Aussa" and Tribute 1 EARTH monster to Special Summon this card from your hand. Then, flip it into face-down Defense Position. It'll not be destroyed by the effect of "Avalanching Aussa".
  • Use this card in a Flip monsters-based Deck. It is very difficult to destroy due to its high DEF, and can usually destroy your opponent's monsters by switching them to Defense Position while allowing yourself to recycle your effects. Also, even if Dinosaurs aren't used, this card can still be Summoned fairly easily using Flip effects that Summon monsters ("Gravekeeper's Spy" and "Super-Nimble Mega Hamster") to provide Tribute fodder.
  • Other defense monsters plus "Unity" will boost this monster's defense for a huge damage increase.
  • Activate "Big Evolution Pill" and Set this card. Because there aren't any Tribute, your opponent will likely not expect this face-down card to be a threat.
  • Use this card with "Mask of Darkness" and "Waboku" to guarantee none of your monsters can be destroyed by battle and that your opponent can't damage your Life Points through battle.
  • Use "D2 Shield", "Shrink" or "Stronghold Guardian" to inflict further damage to your opponent.
  • Use monsters who's attacks destroy face-down Defense Position monsters. They will also be placed in face-down Defense Position by this card but they can be Flip Summoned that very turn. This easily tackles monsters with effects that redirect your attacks ("Dupe Frog") or cannot be destroyed ("Marshmallon").
  • Monsters that was Summoned with "Fossil Excavation" will become "disconnected" from the card when the effect of "Sauropod'" is used. Flip Summon them afterwards to regain their effects.

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